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Celebrate Recovery

This is church. This is where the people who call Christians hypocrites should go because in CR there is no one acting holier than thou when we’re really rotten on the inside. As a matter of fact we are not rotten on the inside anymore. Once we accepted Christ as our savior our spirit is new. Our spirit is in Him and He can’t abide where there is anything bad so all the bad is gone. What IS still there is what’s in our head and that’s what we carry into our daily lives. That’s where our hurts, habits and hang-ups come from.

There’s not a single person at a CR meeting that doesn’t admit fully and truthfully what they are and what they do. Mind you, what you are and what you do are two totally different things. See paragraph above. We are saved sinners by the blood of Christ but we are still on earth and we still live in our fleshly bodies that want to listen to the voice of our adversary when he tells us to go ahead and do what we want. Why not, we’re saved. We’ll be forgiven. Yeah, but…

We are alcoholics. We are addicts. We are over or under eaters.  We are emotional wrecks from the things that we’ve done and from things that were done to us. No one falls outside of the category. Everyone has an emotional issue, guilt, shame, secrets, addiction, abuse…something that controls us instead of us controlling it. As a Christian I don’t have to control it. I can give it to God and refuse to take part in what the devil is trying to convince me is MY idea. Do we still give in to that temptation sometimes? Yes. But we’re right back at the feet of Jesus asking for help knowing He will give it to us.

We are all flawed but the difference between CR and “church” is in CR we lift each other up. We don’t judge because we’ve all been judged. We carry each others burdens because we know what it’s like to be in their shoes.  This is where I and many others have learned what it means to have a relationship with God. This is where I have learned how to let things go and deal with the reason(s) I do the things I do instead of dealing with the action of trying to deal with it in an earthly way. This is where I learned to let God change me because I can’t change myself. And you know what? I think He’s doing a pretty good job.

This is where I learned what church is and these are my people.