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Who are you trying to impress:

We say the right things, live the right way. Our house looks like a magazine ad for BHG. Our kids are pushed for straight A’s, best in sports or excel in music. Are you trying to give the image of perfection thinking this is what Christ wants from you? God doesn’t want perfection. There is no way you can achieve it on your own. Christ wants to achieve a perfect work through you but are you are so busy dusting, sewing, cooking, primping, coloring, trimming, planting, arranging, fluffing that you don’t allow Him to make you into HIS image. 

What is your identity? 

Is your identity wrapped up in what you do instead of what you are? Are you holding steadfast to a role in the church that you may feel God calling you away from but won’t give up because that’s what you have been for so long that you can’t imagine how you can be of any use in any other role? Are you clinging to being the Sunday School teacher of a class that’s barely existing or are you moving to God’s calling to grow into something He wants you to do?

Are you too busy going to church to spend time with God?

Maybe you’re the first one inside every time the doors to the church opens. You sign up for every Bible study. Any time someone needs help in the nursery you’re there. You’re the Sunday School director, the preschool director AND the youth director and when they need someone to fill in as choir director your hand shoots up. You volunteer to cook on Wednesday nights, clean the baptismal, vacuum the carpet and carry the preacher. There’s nothing wrong with doing these things but are you doing them for God or are you doing them so people will see you doing them? Do you spend time building a relationship with God one on one every day or are you too exhausted from making sure God’s kingdom can’t run smoothly without you?

Are you a friend or frenemy to Jesus?

Do you belong to a church because that’s where your friends go? Maybe someone you know invited you to church and you desired the friendship so bad you participate but your heart isn’t in it. You walk and talk like a Christian but you don’t know Jesus. You learn the words to fit in with your friends but they’re just words. Your heart has no desire for Jesus because you are trying to fill up your heart with friends. Friends are a good thing to have but without Jesus as your friend, none of the others will make much of a difference.

Just something to think about. Oh and find a CR group.  Everyone can benefit from CR.