I am so burnt out on social media Christians who feel it’s their biblical duty to “warn” everyone about anything and everything that doesn’t go along with their version of what Christianity should be. I’ve seen articles from how we’re channeling Buddhist deities from mandalas in coloring books to how yoga is a slap in the face of Jesus if we dare throw a mat on the floor and stretch (even if we’re not doing “yoga”). Essential oils, acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, not recycling, not lifting our hands when we sing, lifting our hands when we sing, bumper stickers, speaking in tongues, not speaking in tongues, Christian music that doesn’t sound like the music you listened to when you were young,…you name it there’s someone out there who is trying to convince us how we’re doing it wrong. Seriously folks it’s not that hard. This is why we have the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not say “and I will ask the Father, and he will give you Facebook to help you,” in John 14:16. We develop a relationship with Christ who speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. Do we all feel conviction over the same things? Newp! Philippians 2:12 folks. Work out your own salvation. Don’t worry about what your brother is doing, just be and pray. Actions speak louder than words. Or Facebook posts. If we have relationships with the people around us then they will see if our actions are truly Christ-like and will learn from us. If we nag them on social media…”woah that sinner had the audacity to unfriend me.” If we’re all focused on the same goal (Jesus) then we will all be moving in the same direction without any of us feeling the need to take the wheel in someone else’s life if their life doesn’t look like ours. When you take control you are taking control away from Christ. Does that mean that we have the power to take thwart Christ? No but it may cause you to have to take the long way through a situation because you fought God every step of the way thinking you knew better than God.
The only thing we’re accomplishing with this finger pointing is paralyzing us in our relationships to Christ. It’s taking the focus off of what is important. God forbid the baby Christians that are getting bombarded with these new additions to the 10 commandments become paralyzed with fear that everything they’re doing or thinking is wrong and so they give up. We’re crossing into dangerous territory when we decide what is good for us as an individual is what everyone should follow. Yes I’m being general here. The basics, no we do not sway from true Biblical doctrine but there’s a lot of areas that are not spoken of in the Bible. This is where conviction comes in. However, when we feel the need to split hairs and add to that doctrine, then we are placing ourselves in a straitjacket of legalistic ideology. Old Testament anyone? This is exactly why people outside of our Christian bubble call us hypocrites. We can point fingers and condemn but we’re not looking at the board in our own eye. Social media is definitely dividing and conquering.
Right now everybody is freaking out over who they want you to elect for President. It’s driving me nuts. If everyone was as concerned with their relationship to the only supreme ruler we will ever need then it wouldn’t really matter who the President of the United States is because if we believe with all our fried chicken eating hearts that God is ultimately in control, then we have the assurance that whatever happens is God willed and directed. So perhaps we Christians should get our noses out of each other’s butts and into our Bibles.