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Yall, I’ll just start by saying when people who know me think of cooking or good food my name is not the first to come to mind.  Actually, I think the only way it would come to mind is “please Lord don’t let Aleeya cook anything.”  My family has mastered the art of keeping a poker face at the dinner table and saying “yes this is good.”  I don’t believe them even if it were true.

Anyhoo, even though I don’t like cooking very much, mostly because I don’t like my own cooking, I go through pans like a pig through mud.  I have a nice Pampered Chef cooking set but I managed to warp the giant frying pan.  I don’t even know how, maybe it’s my superpower.  Pan Warper at your service.

When we first moved into the house we’re in, we of course, were hungry.  However, nobody wanted to dig through a garage full of boxes to find the cooking stuff and we were all pretty tired and even too grubby looking to go fast food foraging.  And it’s not healthy anyway, seriously!

So I ran to Kroger, which I guess I wasn’t too grubby for, and bought a cheap $14.00 Teflon coated pan and it was wonderful.  Nothing stuck to it and it was easy to clean.  For about a week.

After getting seriously over scraping and scrubbing that sucker or hauling out my giant, warped, Pampered Chef pan I had an epiphany.  (INSERT ANGEL MUSIC HERE).  Cast iron has lasted forever so why don’t we try that.  So my wonderful husband, the Chief Roothawg, got me a set for Christmas.

So here’s the deal.  Sealing cast iron cookware is about the third or fourth adultiest thing I’ve done in my life.  I can’t even stress enough how for real I am right now.  Lots of life lessons were learned in the sealing process.  I’ll leave you with the three most important.

  1. Stuff gets HOT.  It gets hot FAST.  It stays hot a LONG time.  That “it doesn’t look that hot, I’ll test it with my fingertip,” is no longer an acceptable unit of measurement.
  2. My cutesy Wal-Mart oven mitts are not going to do the job. I may as well have been pulling this stuff out of the oven with a t-shirt over my hand.  I need something more like asbestos gloves that go up to my armpits.
  3. Big pieces of cast iron cookware burn in places oven mitts don’t cover. Like my elbow. Yep, burnt my elbow.  I hope Amazon sells fireman suits because I’m going to need one.  Dude!  I’m so glad I’m wearing pants.  I mean I don’t cook in my drawers but if I were wearing shorts who knows where I’d have been burnt and since I like sitting down, that would not have been pleasant to say the least.

I’m still waiting on everything to cool down enough to do a second layer but yall, I have Crisco on my shirt, on my face, all over my arms, all over the counter, in the sink, in my hair!!!  Still, I’m very excited to fry up some bacon and sausage and cook up all the meat in the house because wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I get my cast iron cookware my husband decides we should go to a plant based diet.  He doesn’t know yet but I can’t cook a salad either.

Oh and this happened while I was typing this post.  Guess Willie is done with Christmas.